Question -- Are the missing examples on the Commutative and Associative Properties of Multiplication intentional? And the Inverse Properties as well, with one blank space and one empty box each?

I have a modified copy of the Week 2 PowerPoint, with added animation on slide 28, to show how the squares can be moved together to be more "obviously" 1/4 of the total area, and a tiny bit of clean-up on slides 31-34. I also cleaned up the spacing of the fractions on slides 40, 41, 44, and 55 (and though my inclination is to change the problems from exactly the ones that were on slide 44, I haven't done that yet). A little more of what I would call "clean up" here and there, and I did remove the "break" and "show and tell" parts of the slide show. I don't know what Dan does at these times, but I'm wary of putting that out to my students. (I put the original slide wording in the notes below, if you want to add them back.)

(And I'm not for a moment complaining about all the tremendous amount of work Dan did in making these. I'm just putting in a little time making them, for me, better.)

Would you upload your modification to the wiki? Or would you prefer to send them by email?

I'd be happy to upload it. I assume I just use the "File" button above? I'm on the wrong computer now, but I'll try to remember to attempt that in the next day or two. :-)
The File button is correct.