Question - In week 1, there are a number of pictures of Iceland. Does anyone know what activity goes with the pictures?
Answer: I asked Dan about this one day and he said that it is just something interesting that he came across and shared with the students. Nothing more than that.

Question - In week 1, what is the meaning of PTS + RB + STL + .5•AST + ... ?
Answer: Those abbreviations are used in basketball. PTS stands for points, RB for rebounds, STL for steals, AST for assists, etc. here is a link to a basket ball abbreviation glossery

Question - What is the answer to the basketball abbreviations question?

Question - I noticed this in Week one, but it may be throughout the curriculum: Is there a particular reason that the next problem is displayed (like the on deck circle in baseball) on the slides before you would have worked on it?
Answer:I would assume it is so that the student has a chance to guess an answer to the question before the actual answer is displayed.