This wiki was created to serve a place to ask questions and discuss the Algebra 1 curriculum that Dan Meyer posted on his blog. It is a public wiki, meaning anyone can edit it.
Please add thoughts, questions, responses, etc. Feel free to create pages if you think it will enhance readability.

Week 1-specific questions have been moved to the "Week 1" page. I expect/hope this will be helpful as we get further and further into the curriculum.

Comment - I've been reworking algebra and a lot of pre-algebra material for this upcoming year and much has been inspired through dy/dan. This alg curriculum is a great addition to my alg set-up for the starting weeks at the very least. I too have wondered about the 10-30 slide travelogues that we are taken on. The openers have been the thing that I thought I would value the most.

I'd love to see a single copy of one of his typical assessments to compare to what our department uses.
You can see samples of Dan's assessments here: http://sbgbeginners.wikispaces.com/Assessments
The site is a great resource in its own right.

I have had to re-work our Algebra curriculum as well. Whoa! This is an outstanding resource. Please don't EVER remove it!